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Cleaning and Disinfecting

Everyone will play a role in cleaning and disinfecting IU spaces this fall. While facilities and cleaning teams will be out in force working to clean common areas and frequently touched surfaces throughout the day using disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, all students, faculty and staff will also be expected to help clean and sanitize the areas they use.

IU’s cleaning procedures and guidelines are in line with current recommendations and have been reviewed and approved by the university’s Environmental Health and Safety experts.

What’s expected?


Everyone on campus is expected to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer on a regular basis. Hand sanitizer stations will be installed inside building entrances and in high-traffic areas.


All students are expected to clean their desk space before and after each in-person class using the cleaning supplies provided in all classrooms.

Faculty & Staff

All faculty and staff should proactively disinfect and clean personal workstations and shared areas / items before and after use. This includes wiping down surfaces and objects with the provided cleaning supplies.


All departments / offices should remove high-touch, shared items such as magazines, common pens, etc. Departments operating in a clinical or childcare setting should, in addition, follow the cleaning and disinfection procedures recommended by their regulatory agency and/or the more specific IU guidance.

IU Facilities

Facilities teams clean classroom and other spaces every evening and may do additional cleaning during the day as needed.


IU will provide hand sanitizer inside building entrances and other high-traffic areas. Departments can request additional supplies, but facilities groups will determine the priority of those requests.