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Campus visitors guidance

Safety first

Visitors to campus are an important part of the life of the university. The health and safety of the IU community in the COVID-19 pandemic is important and visitors should follow the same health and safety guidelines as IU students, faculty and staff. This includes wearing masks indoors, frequent hand washing and using their best judgement in making choices about on-campus activities.


"Visitor" includes individuals who are invited to be physically present on campus for any purpose. Persons who are not considered visitors for the purpose of this guidance include:

  • Current and emeritus faculty, staff, and students.
  • Law enforcement, and emergency responders.
  • Persons who hold "visiting" or other short-term academic or administrative appointments.
  • Persons attending an event or conference that is covered by the Events and Conferences guidance.


Conduct on campus

A person who has COVID-19 symptoms or who is being treated for COVID-19 or potential COVID-19 should not visit campus.

While on campus, visitors must follow all of the on-campus guidance applicable to members of the IU community, including masks, hygiene, and staying home if ill. 

All travel restrictions for persons coming to campus are applicable to visitors.

Large groups of visitors may constitute an event that requires approval under the Events guidance. Review the guidance to know if you'll need approval ahead of the visit.

Additional provisions for specific visitors

Prospective students: In-person campus tours are available as well as virtual options through your campus's admissions office. Indoor tour groups may be limited in size to permit physical distancing.

Intercollegiate athletic recruits: visits are governed by NCAA or NAIA guidance. To the extent feasible, athletic recruits should follow the same precautions as other visitors to campus.

Residence halls: Guests are allowed in residence halls. Residents should review their housing rules and regulations for specific information regarding guests in their residence hall.