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Campus visitors guidance

Safety first

Visitors to campus are an important part of the life of the university. However, the health and safety of the IU community in the COVID-19 pandemic requires that the number of short-term visitors to campus be minimized, both to reduce the overall number of people on campus, and to reduce the potential of visitors to bring infection to campus from elsewhere.


This guidance supplements the directions in IU's timeline of campus changes. It applies beginning July 31, 2020, and continues in effect until rescinded or replaced.

"Visitor" includes individuals who are invited to be physically present on campus for any purpose. Persons who are not considered visitors for the purpose of this guidance include:

  • Current and emeritus faculty, staff, and students.
  • Vendors, contractors, delivery or repair personnel, law enforcement, and emergency responders.
  • Persons who hold "visiting" or other short-term academic or administrative appointments.
  • Persons attending an event or conference that is covered by the Events and Conferences guidance.

General principles

The health and safety of the IU community and visitors must guide all decisions to invite visitors to campus.

The number of visitors to campus should be minimized. A virtual visit is the preferred option, and outdoor-only visits should be considered.

In-person visits should be necessary to advance an important university mission.

Conduct on campus

A person who has COVID-19 symptoms or who is being treated for COVID-19 or potential COVID-19 may not visit campus.

While on campus, visitors must follow all of the on-campus guidance applicable to members of the IU community, including masks, physical distancing, hygiene, and staying home if ill. A visitor who develops a COVID-19 symptom while on campus must immediately inform the university through

All travel restrictions for persons coming to campus are applicable to visitors.

Visitors must be informed of, and agree to abide by, the personal precautions required for IU community members and any applicable travel restrictions when an invitation is extended.

Visiting groups should be as few as possible in number. A group of 25 or more constitutes an event that requires approval under the Events guidance.

Visitors are requested to inform if they are tested or diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 within 14 days after their departure from IU.

Additional provisions for specific visitors

Prospective students: admissions offices should offer alternatives to physical visits to campus, and they may offer self-guided, outdoor-only visiting opportunities. Indoor tour groups must be limited to a size that permits physical distancing and must be escorted to ensure compliance with personal precautions.

Intercollegiate athletic recruits: visits are governed by NCAA or NAIA guidance. To the extent feasible, athletic recruits should follow the same precautions as other visitors to campus.

Prospective faculty and staff employees: all interviews of candidates for positions at IU will be conducted virtually. Campus visits are permitted only for individuals to whom an offer has been made or is expected to be made. During such visits, additional in-person interviews and hospitality (such as group lunches and dinners) should be avoided.

Laboratory and research facilities: visitors must follow the guidance of the Laboratory Research Restart report.

Residence halls: no visitors to IU residence halls are permitted.

Approval process

Persons who wish to extend invitations to visitors must first obtain the approval of their respective school, campus, or department head, as designated by each campus.

Campuses may establish additional limitations or approval processes for visitors to campus.