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IU Bloomington

All IU Bloomington students, faculty and staff are required to be fully vaccinated by Aug. 15 or when you return to campus after Aug. 1. Below are links to resources and information about the COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

With the ultimate goal of returning our campuses to normal operations, this requirement is part of IU’s ongoing successful response to and management of the COVID-19 pandemic on its campuses and will allow the university to lift most restrictions on masking and physical distancing.

Not vaccinated yet?

Schedule your vaccine by July 1 and let us know you've been vaccinated. You need to be fully vaccinated by August 15 or before you return to campus after August 1, whichever is earlier. You can also upload your vaccine verification card to be eligible for prizes.

Schedule in Indiana

Schedule outside of Indiana

Not eligible for a vaccine where you are?

If you’re arriving from an international location and not able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in your current location, please let us know that you’ll receive a COVID-19 vaccine when you arrive in the U.S.

Tell us you need the vaccine when you arrive

See if you qualify for an exemption

Individuals who receive an approved exemption will still need to participate in regular mitigation testing and wear a mask on campus. See if you meet the exemption criteria.

Get more information as well as answers to frequently asked questions about the requirement.

Want to check if you've met the requirement?

Take a look at IU's COVID-19 vaccine reporting page to see if you've reported all of your vaccine doses. Once you're fully vaccinated, you'll see a green badge in the Reported Vaccinations section that says "CDC fully vaccinated" and gives the date you're fully vaccinated.