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Digital Signage: Resources

Learn the benefits of campus digital signage

Does your department frequently make announcements? Do you spend money on flyers and posters? Are you looking for a more innovative way to market your unit and its activities? Digital signage is an effective way to communicate with students, faculty, and staff, as well as audiences you may not ordinarily be able to reach.

Through a collaboration with Four Winds Interactive, IU offers the Digital Signage Project—a system-wide initiative to provide departments with access to digital signage products and services. All licensing fees have been paid for by IU Emergency Management, and ongoing maintenance will be handled by University Communications and Marketing (UCM).

With the IU Digital Signage Project, IU departments can manage communications using digital signage that connects with Emergency Management and other IU feeds.


All digital signs at IU must:

  • Be approved by the Capital Projects.
  • Align with Indiana University branding guidelines.
  • Have the ability to display campus alerts and safety notifications.
  • Use Four Winds Interactive, the university’s selected signage system.


Need help with digital signage?

If you want to communicate more than a simple message, creating digital signage can be tough. Visit the Digital Signage Documentation site or contact UCM at  for help. 

Create your own digital signage

Learn how to request, create, and purchase digital signs to be displayed on IU campuses.