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  • The same tool that installs the Campaign Template also removes it easily.
  • As is true for installation, you must have site manager access to uninstall the Campaign Template content type.
  • Uninstalling the Campaign Template removes the following assets from your site:
    • An asset factory
    • A page
    • A content type
  • Pages created from the Campaign Template content type will not be removed. They will convert to a fallback content type but stay in your file tree so you will not lose your data in case you want to:
    • Reinstall the Campaign Template and restore those pages.
    • Use the data for other purposes.

How-to guide

  1. Visit the tool online at and click Campaign Template Installer.
  2. Input your site name in the first field.
  3. Generate your API Key and input it in the second field.
  4. Choose Delete as your action in the dropdown.
  5. Click Next. Doing so won't make any changes to your site; it will just create a summary of your requested changes. The changes are presented two sections. The first one shows which assets will be deleted from your site:
  6. The second part of the summary shows that the pages created from the Campaign Template won't be deleted. Instead, they will be converted to a fallback content type to preserve the original data on your site. If all looks correct, click Uninstall.
  7. The uninstallation summary will appear when the task is complete. It confirms the list of assets removed from your site as well as your data's fallback location.

Want to restore preserved pages?

To restore your preserved pages, you need to reinstall the Campaign Template.

Just rerun the Installer tool, and it will take care of the rest.

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