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  • Use the Installer tool to install the Campaign Template in your WCMS site with just a few clicks, saving you from the cumbersome process of configuring the content type manually.
  • You must have site manager access in the WCMS to install the Campaign Template.
  • When you install the Campaign Template, the following assets will be created in your site:
    • A content type
    • A page
    • An asset factory

How-to guide

Using the Installer tool is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the tool online at and click Campaign Template Installer.
  2. Input your site name.
  3. Generate your API Key and input it in the second field.
  4. Choose Install/Repair as your action in the dropdown. (NOTE: Go to the uninstallation page to learn about how to remove the Campaign Template from your site.)
  5. Click Next. Doing so won't make any changes to your site; it will just present you with a summary of your intended changes. Review the summary, and if all looks correct, click Install.
  6. An installation summary will show up when the task is complete.

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