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  • An API Key is a token of your access for the WCMS.
  • Read the official documentation on the API Key as it relates to the WCMS, as created by Hannon Hill.
  • When you generate your API Key, copy it and save it to a safe place because it will not reappear after you close the popup.

How-to guide

To create your API Key to install your Campaign Template content type, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into the WCMS:
  2. Locate the user menu on the upper-right corner, click the menu, and then click API Key.
  3. Click Generate API Key or Regenerate API Key.
  4. A popup shows to display your API Key. Copy it—and save it to a safe place, because you will never see it again once the popup is closed.
  5. Go to the Installer tool to manage your instance of Campaign Template.

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