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Buy.IU Approval Requests

Getting the approvals you need for your marketing and communications efforts is easier than ever. Every step of the process is handled through Buy.IU, Indiana University’s procurement system. 

Marketing and communications expenses over $10,000 require approval and will be automatically routed to University Communications and Marketing (UCM) through the Buy.IU vendor process. These include:

  • Print, digital, video, radio, and website advertising
  • Website design, development, and hosting
  • Marketing services such as surveys, research, and student recruitment

In addition, you should consult one of our media agencies of record (AOR) when engaging in strategic media placement. For questions about working with one of the university’s AORs, consult with your brand leader.

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Want to pick our brains?

Although you no longer have to get UCM's approval for anything under $10K, we’re always happy to answer questions and provide feedback. Feel free to contact Emily Sutorius or Amber Page.