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Pairing fonts

Combining complementary fonts can add visual interest to your execution and help champion the message you’re trying to communicate.

You can pair both core brand fonts together or choose an expressive typeface to combine with either Benton Sans or Georgia Pro.

Making a typographic match

The fonts you choose can convey a lot of meaning, including imparting emotion.

Whether it’s hand-written lettering or a fun, bold typeface, choose the type style that suits the tone of your piece. Complementing expressive type with a brand font can increase recognition, but, be sure to limit the number of typefaces in a single piece.

An example of pairing fonts for emphasis

For this piece, the designer paired Benton Sans with a script font. Pairing display text with existing brand fonts creates emphasis while feeling familiar.

NOTE: Only use one expressive typeface per execution, never two or more.

Step 1

Determine the headline and mood of the piece

Step 2

Find or create a font that suits the mood you’re trying to convey, and use it as an accent.

Step 3

Pull it all together cohesively with the other elements of your piece (color, graphic elements, photography, etc.)

More on type

When it comes to typography, consider your options.