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Logo and marks

Our one and only logo

The iconic IU trident is the foundational element of our visual identity. It is the unifying symbol that represents all IU campuses, schools, and units—without any text or other identifying elements.


Be true to the trident

At IU, the trident is the only logo we use, both institution-wide and at the unit level. Most centers and institutes are also required to use the trident, but there are a few exceptions. If you don't qualify, you must discontinue using all other logos and wordmarks.

You may not use any other graphical or typographical design to represent your unit. All of your marketing and communications efforts (with the exception of email communications) must be identified with the trident and your accompanying marketing lockup.

Because the IU trident is the most recognizable element of the university, it should appear on all marketing materials. The preferred method of using the trident is in either its tab or extended tab form.


Using the IU trident

When a trident is used as a stand-alone element with a width of 5/8 inch or larger, a clear area equal to the “U” of the trident must surround the mark.

Although the trident can be used alone when the above staging requirements are met, the trident tab gives you additional flexibility.

Our shorthand identity

Similar to the stand-alone trident, the trident tab gives you an easy way to brand your materials without having to use a more complex or space-consuming signature.

You should use the trident in either its trident tab or extended tab form whenever possible.


Extended tab

The extended tab gives you additional flexibility when applying the trident to your marketing materials. The tab in this form is intended for instances when it extends from a trimmed edge or screen (top, bottom, or side).

Only one side of the tab can be extended. The remaining three sides must maintain the original spacing.

Note: Only one side of the tab can be extended to create a “tail.” The remaining three sides must keep the size and proportions of the trident tab. This tail provides movement and allows the trident to be grounded to the edge of the page or screen.

How to use the trident tab and extended tab

The trident tab and extended tab give greater flexibility than the IU trident, but both have standards that must be met. Use the guide below to understand how and how not to use the trident tab and extended tab.


Use the trident tab as a stand-alone graphic element in instances when full bleed is unavailable.


Use the extended tab to bleed off the edge of your design to easily brand your marketing piece.


Use the extended tab to draw your audience’s eye to a particular part of your design.

Do not

Stretch the tab in any way other than by extending one side to create a tail. Always ground your extended tab to one edge of your design.

Do not

Float the extended tab. Extended tabs should always be grounded to one edge of your design.

Do not

Incorporate text or other graphic elements within the tab or extended tab.

Need to brand your next marketing piece?

There is no need to recreate the trident tab or extended tab—both are available for download.