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brand expression

Our visual language

It is vital that we represent IU consistently, presenting a united front when it comes to our visual identity. But it’s also important that our visual language makes room for creative flexibility, so you can tell remarkable stories in unique ways.


The IU that meets your eye

How we portray our brand visually is as important as the things we say. The nonverbal, or artistic, aspects of our executions help position our brand, create the mood of our communications, and contribute to how our audience feels when engaging with IU.

The power of the IU brand relies on every marketing and communications effort from all campuses. That’s why we’ve created this website. The resources and guidelines of our visual language ensure consistency while providing the space for creativity.

We want you to confidently put the IU brand into action. With this practical set of tools, you have the freedom to create materials that showcase your school, unit, or department’s distinct personality.

Once you’re familiar with the IU master brand, you can explore our visual language. Learn about composition and discover how to use color, typography, graphic elements, and more.

IU's visual language

For us, it's all about brand expression. Using a flexibile, but consistent, visual language is crucial to the success of our marketing and brand identity. This Storyteller's Summit session will introduce you to key visual elements and show you how to adapt your executions to meet the moment.

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One visual language, many compelling variables

Executions often blend many visual elements together to form a cohesive piece. Remember, the nonverbal aspects of our materials play an important role in defining our brand and building its equity. So, consider the following visual dimensions carefully when crafting your materials:

  • IU's logo and marks

    The IU logo and other symbolic marks are critical signifiers of the IU brand, so use them wisely.

  • Color

    Color is one of our most identifiable visual elements. Explore IU’s primary, secondary, and utility color palettes.

  • Typography

    We can say a lot with our choice of type. Learn about our brand typography basics.

  • Composition

    How we arrange the elements in our layouts makes all the difference. Discover more about composition.

  • Graphic elements

    See how to build powerful visual connections with IU’s ownable graphic elements.

  • Photography & imagery

    An image can be worth more than a thousand words. Find out more about photography and imagery as part of the IU brand.