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Brand Expression

Our verbal language

We communicate with our constituents through verbal and visual languages. In fact, most of our executions involve the interplay of the two, both message and design.

The verbal language component of brand expression deals with what we’re saying. Or, the words used to express our ideas.


Speaking to our audiences

The messages we convey and the language we use to communicate them are of critical importance to the IU brand. How we speak to our audiences deeply affects their perception of IU and impacts their choices and behavior.

Depending on the channel we’re using, our objective, and our target audience, our writing can take many different forms. We communicate through both editorial and commercial writing

In commercial content, the words we use in executions are referred to as copy. And just as you would carefully make design choices, you should craft your copy thoughtfully, in a way that authentically represents our brand.

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Gen Z: Talking Teen

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Establishing voice and tone

Regardless of the format in which your verbal communication will be delivered—whether it will be seen or heard, through traditional or digital channels—maintaining a steady brand voice is key.

Having a consistent brand personality is part of being authentic and plays a role in building trust with our constituents.

Understand IU’s brand voice and personality

Although we have an anchored brand voice and personality, we often vary our tone based on who we’re talking to, or the vehicle through which we’re reaching our audience. Our flexible approach to verbal brand expression gives us the ability to adapt our messaging in a way that better resonates with our target.

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