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Inauguration of Pamela Whitten

Indiana University officially inaugurated Pamela Whitten as its 19th president on Nov. 4, 2021.


Photo by James Brosher, Indiana University

Thousands joined the celebration

The inauguration of Pamela Whitten as the first female president of Indiana University was a celebration of you – the IU community.

Thousands took part in the significant milestone in the university's history at the ceremony at IU Bloomington, an inauguration festival at IUPUI and watch parties held on IU's campuses across the state.


"Pamela is a remarkable and thoughtful leader, who has already established herself as a student-centered and involved president at Indiana University. She places value on recruiting and retaining diverse talent and resources, as well as supporting and promoting key research, which will keep IU moving forward on a path of groundbreaking scholarship and academics in the years to come."

W. Quinn Buckner Chair of the Board of Trustees, Indiana University

“The inauguration of our first woman president is a huge step for Indiana University, and one that is long past due. Witnessing this event shows me, and all of our students, that reaching positions of authority is possible for women, and that our perspectives and expertise are valued and celebrated here.”

Kayla Isenbletter Graduate Student, IU South Bend

About President Whitten

As Indiana University's leader, President Whitten has outlined three core missions for the university: ensuring student success by placing them first, setting ambitious research goals and affirming IU's leadership role in advancing economic development and quality of life for individuals throughout the world.

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