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Healthy IU offers resources to live your best you. Take a class, stay on top of your health numbers, and take steps to a healthier daily life.

Healthy IU Classes
Healthy IU offers classes on lifestyle improvement, stress reduction, mind-body wellness, and more. Classes are free for staff/faculty and their spouses/partners.

Upcoming programs at-a-glance:

Self-Check Blood Pressure Machines on Campus
High blood pressure can lead to serious health risks. Because high blood pressure often has no symptoms, it’s important to regularly monitor your blood pressure. Find out where you can use a blood pressure machine on campus.

Health Screenings
Fulltime employees and their spouses/partners (on an IU health plan) receive free health screenings on campus, as well as a $100 incentive. Find out how to schedule your health screening today. Access the IUB Campus and Community Resource Page (Word Doc). For best results, make sure to select Print Layout view instead of Reading view.

1:1 Nutritional Counseling
One-time sessions, last approx. 1 hour
If you have questions about foods, we have the answer. Our wonderful Registered Dietitian (RD), Steven Lalevich, can help you eat healthier and address questions you may have about fiber, salt, vegan and vegetarian diets, protein, weight loss and more. 1:1 nutritional counseling is free for employees by appointment. E-mail askanrd@indiana.edu or call (812) 855-4948 (54948 if from a campus phone).

Tobacco Cessation
Did you know that IU employees can take advantage of free tobacco cessation resources? Learn more about these programs and take a step toward a healthier you.

Request an Ergonomic Evaluation
Make your workspace work for you! Many of us spend most of our day at a desk, so it’s important to make sure our work environment is as comfortable as possible.

Stay Active

Physical activity throughout your day is not only critical to the health of your body, but your mind and spirit as well. Grab a friend and take a walk or class at the fitness center.

Walking Trails and Free Indoor Track Access
Walking trails around campus are designed to get you moving while you enjoy some of the most beautiful parts of campus. They are centrally located and appropriate for walkers of all levels. If the weather is bad, take your walk indoors with free access at WIC.

IU Recreational Sports
IU Rec Sports offers a variety of sport and fitness opportunities for all levels and interests. Keep up with the activity you love or try something new!

Climb IU
January 29-February 19
Climb IU is a three week employee challenge intended to encourage employees to move more and save energy. This challenge offers T-shirts, incentives, camaraderie and fun! YOUR GOAL, should you choose to take the challenge, is to climb up 56 flights of stairs over three weeks. Why 56? When you add together the levels of the tallest academic building on each IU campus, the total is 56! Register NOW!

You Matter

Your wellbeing is our priority. Living your best you is a lifetime journey with many different stages and opportunities, and you don’t have to travel alone.

Employee Assistance Program
Learn more about receiving professional and confidential counseling services through IU EAP. Up to six IU-paid counseling sessions per year to cope with stress that interrupts day-to-day activities.

Nursing Mothers' Rooms
IU provides privacy rooms to support staff who are breastfeeding mothers. Each room is secure, clean, and easy to use.

Work/Life Information
IU is committed to a workplace culture appreciative of employees’ diverse needs for individual and family wellbeing. Find support services for your work-life balance here.

Contact Us
We want to hear from you! Send us your questions and feedback about Healthy IU programs.

Wellness Coalition
See the staff who volunteer their time for a healthier IU. The Wellness Coalition was developed to encourage collaboration among university departments committed to helping the campus community achieve and maintain wellness.

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