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Traditions of Excellence

New Frontiers

Past Successful Proposals

Examples of successful New Frontiers applications are posted here as a resource for potential grant applicants. Below, there are six New Frontiers proposals drawn from three recent years of the program (2007, 2008, and 2009). All of these proposed projects were funded, and each was one of the highest-ranked applications in its year. Clicking on a proposal title on the list will take you to the proposal and to the reviews by members of the New Frontiers Review Committee. The principal investigators, and named collaborators if any, have given permission to have their proposals and reviews posted. The Review Committee members have also given permission to have the reviews posted. For reasons of confidentiality, letters of recommendation have been deleted, and reviewers have been kept anonymous in accordance with university policy. Otherwise the proposals are intact.

There are no examples of Exploration Traveling Fellowship proposals included here. When these proposals are not approved for funding, it is almost always for one of three reasons:

  1. The project did not fall within the arts and humanities.
  2. The primary purpose of the proposal was pedagogical, rather than research.
  3. The project was not exploratory; it involved travel to a conference or other venue to present work that was already well advanced.

Exploration Traveling Fellowship applicants who follow the guidelines and avoid these mistakes are likely to be successful.

List of Proposals

For Principal Investigators with multiple affiliations, the unit through which the proposal was submitted is listed first.

New Frontiers

Kevin Cramer (History, IUPUI), 2007, Expanding the Boundaries of Europe: The Gustavus Adolphus Association and Diasporic Nationalism in Germany, 1832-1945

Christiane Gruber (Fine Arts--History of Art, IUB), 2007, From Pen to Paper: The Islamic Manuscript Tradition

Claude Baker (Music, IUB), 2008, Compact Disc Recording with the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

Jeffrey Wolin (Fine Arts-Studio, IUB), 2008, Vietnamese War Veterans: Portraits and Stories from the Other Side

David Craig (Religious Studies, IUPUI), 2009, Debating Desire: Ritual Performance and the Politics of Marriage

Stacie King, 2009 (Anthropology, IUB), Archaeology of/as Political Action in Southern Mexico