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Traditions of Excellence

New Frontiers Budget Guidelines

Every item and cost needs to be justified based on the proposed work and the time line presented.

  1. You may include funds for Academic Year course release at the normal rate for your campus or school, up to a maximum of $11,000. Please consult your fiscal officer for specific advice on calculating course release requests. Applicants from the College of Arts and Sciences on the Bloomington Campus can check the New Frontiers FAQ page for guidelines.
  2. Use the following for summer support for faculty:

    Faculty summer support for 9 weeks        $9,998
    (100% effort on the project for 9 weeks)

    Faculty summer support per week          $882
    (100% effort on the project for each week funded)
  3. Use the following for graduate student support, based on discipline:
    A&H                $12,000 
    Social Sciences    $15,000
    Sciences           $18,000 
  4. Travel
    For presentation and/or collaboration $2,500 (maximum) For site work over an extended period estimated cost based on IU policies of time
  5. Consultant — as needed
  6. Technician — as needed
  7. Postdoctoral trainees — as needed
    For the above 3 categories justify the need and be specific about the degree of effort required for the proposed project
  8. Equipment — as needed
    Justify the need, especially if similar equipment is available on campus
  9. Supplies — as needed
    Costs of supplies should be directly associated with this project
  10. No indirect costs will be provided.
  11. If the grant will not cover the entire cost of your project and you have or are applying for support from other sources, you may discuss them in your budget explanation. Please do not include expenses to be covered by other sources on the budget spreadsheet.