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Policy Number


Date Issued

June 27, 1997


The Bloomington campus of Indiana University includes several unique areas of vegetation and landscaping that give it a special character and appearance. These green areas require special emphasis and protection.


The following sites are designated as green areas and shall be protected from activities that would alter their essential character: Dunn Woods, Arboretum Center, Woodlawn Field, Bryan House grounds, and Dunn Meadow. Restricted activities include encroachment by new construction of facilities or site development except where necessary for health, safety, maintenance, or governmental compliance. Procedures for the care and maintenance of each site shall be developed and administered by the Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning & Facilities.

Procedure Reference

The Vice President for Capital Planning & Facilities shall appoint a standing committee representative of a cross section of the University; it will include faculty, staff, and students as members. This committee will establish boundaries for each green area and establish and periodically review procedures for care and maintenance of each area. This committee must approve additions of new sites to the list of protected green areas.

Cross Reference

University Heritage Committee deliberations, 1982-83

Responsible Organization

Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning & Facilities