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Physical Plants


Each IU campus has staff available to assist with facility emergencies (power loss, etc.). If you are in a true emergency situation, call 911 first, and then call your campus facility services office. For non-emergencies, please visit the website for your campus to request services.


There are building services and facility operations staff employees on each IU campus who are available to assist in electrical power failures or other building emergencies. If you are in a true emergency situation, call 911 first, and then contact your campus’s building emergency office:

Major Construction

Submit an online request for projects beyond the scope of general maintenance. This would include any renovation project (changing the use of a space, moving walls or doors, adding additional electrical outlets, and so on).

Furniture Only Requests

To request new furniture, submit an online request
and select "Furniture only". 
For additional information, contact:

Office of Interior Design: 
Phone: 812-856-9659

General Maintenance

Submit an online request for general maintenance. Contact your campus physical plant:

Each campus’s facility operations receives funding for maintenance and general upkeep of university facilities. This funding covers:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of academic buildings
  • Campus groundskeeping and landscaping
  • Exterior campus lighting
  • All utilities except telephone and data
  • Maintenance of basic building systems, including:
    • Building structures (permanent fixed walls, roofs, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, locks, paint, recycling and trash removal, pest control, scheduled cleaning)
    • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
    • Plumbing (restrooms, drinking fountains, fire safety, laboratory utilities)
    • Electric and natural gas distribution systems (lights, elevators, building safety and security systems, fire alarms, central clocks, emergency generators)
    • Classrooms and teaching labs (furniture, audiovisual screens, chalkboards, whiteboards)
    • Building-wide distribution systems for research labs (compressed air, distilled water, gas and nitrogen piping and shut-off valves, exhaust fans and ductwork [exhaust hoods not included])
    • Basic signage (exterior building identification, room location)

All other services are funded through charge-backs to department accounts, based on hourly labor rates. These services can include:

  • Departmental equipment (installation, modification, replacement or maintenance of furnishings and equipment, including office partitions, computers and peripherals, electronic classroom technology, and lab equipment such as autoclaves, freezers, cage washers, ice machines, and so on)
  • Renovation (architectural, mechanical and electrical systems, key and lock changes, special signage, and so on)
  • Moving and setups
  • Special services (excess refuse removal, special custodial services, special event support, after-hours calls for non-maintenance requests)
  • Telecommunications changes