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Binding of External References - AutoCAD lisp routine - zip file (xrefbind.lsp/.dcl)

Layor Translator file for using AutoCAD Express Tools - Layor Translator command

Use the layor translator file for quickly converting older IU CAD Standard layer names and settings to new National CAD Standards layer names and settings. This file only addresses existing layer names, not new or demo modified layer names.

IU_overall.lxt (updated 4/1/02 - works in AutoCAD 2000/2000i)

iu_layerconversion.dwg (new 4/1/02 - works in AutoCAD 2002 (standards file))

Layer Creation lisp routine - using AutoCAD dialog box driven layer creation commands based on new IU/National CAD Standards

Use the following IU customized zip file for putting a lisp-driven dialog box in an AutoCAD session that will allow you to create new layers by discipline. All of the files contained in the zip file should be copied to the root AutoCAD directory...not the Support directory. (revised 4/1/02)