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Construction Alerts

The west lane and sidewalk of Fee Lane between 10th Street and the railroad overpass will be closed from Sept. 14-22, 2017, for utilities work. 11th Street at Fee Lane will reopen on or about Sept. 21, but Fee Lane will remain restricted to one lane until Sept. 22.  Schedule is subject to change.

 Fee Lane West Sidewalk and Lane Closure

The east lane and sidewalk of Indiana Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets will be closed Sept. 12-Dec. 4, 2017, for work on a gateway at the corner of Indiana Avenue and 7th Street. Schedule is subject to change.

 Indiana Avenue East Lane and Sidewalk Closure

11th Street at Fee Lane will be closed September 12-21, 2017, for utilities work. Access to the Fee Lane Parking Garage will be from the west only. The east lane of Fee Lane will remain open. Schedule is subject to change.

 11th Street Closure

Portions of the parking lot east of Forest Quad will be closed for construction staging due to renovations at Forest Quad through November 15, 2017. Schedule is subject to change.

 Forest Quad Construction Zone

The parking lot west of Multidisciplinary Science Building II (and north of Geological Sciences) will have a partial closure to install steam lines from 05/08/2016 through 08/19/2016. Another section of this same lot will be closed from 05/10/2016-11/15/2017 for Luddy Hall construction staging. Schedules are subject to change.

IUB Multidisciplinary Science Building II Parking Lot Closure map