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The Institutional Origins of IU Transfer Students (FYIU 07-1)

The first issue of FYIU focuses on the institutional origins of external transfer students. As opposed to those students who transfer between IU campuses (intercampus transfers), external transfers are those students who transfer to IU from other colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.

Among the important findings in this report:

  • Close to one half (44 percent) of IU’s external transfer students enroll at IUPUI.

  • There is considerable variability across IU campuses regarding the originating institutions of external transfers:

    • At IU Bloomington and IU Southeast, the largest group of external transfer students is from outside of Indiana.

    • At IU Kokomo and IU East, most external transfer students are from Indiana’s two-year sector.

    • At IUPUI, IU Northwest, and IU South Bend, most transfer students originate from the state’s four-year sector.

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