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Indiana SAT Scores by Race/Ethnicity (FYIU 07-3)

This issue of FYIU focuses on the SAT scores of college-bound Hoosiers by race/ethnicity (in the years 1998-2007). This is an important topic, as there has been increased interest and activity over the past few years regarding university policy and practice for improving the academic quality of incoming students while enhancing our commitment to diversity.

Among the important findings in this report:

  • Twelfth-grade enrollment in Indiana public high schools increased by 7 percent, and It is expected to increase by another 4 percent over the next decade. Much of this growth is the result of an increasing school-age Hispanic population.

  • The number of African American and Hispanic SAT takers in the state increased at a slower rate than their respective 12th grade enrollments. While the number of these students taking the SAT is expected to increase over the next decade, this projected increase will not overcome current racial/ethnic imbalances in Indiana’s four-year college-bound population.

  • SAT verbal and math scores increased slightly for African American and Hispanic Hoosiers. Although the state’s racial/ethnic gap in language and mathematics achievement remains large, it has decreased slightly over time.

  • African American and Hispanic students were especially underrepresented among SAT takers, scoring at or above the state average on the verbal and math tests. If the current trend continues, African Americans and Hispanics will represent roughly 3 percent and 6 percent, respectively, of all SAT takers in the state who earn higher than a 500 on both the verbal and math tests.

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