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Human Resources

Career Management Plan and UITS Feedback Process

Career Management Process

January 1- May 31

Staff deserve regular feedback and input regarding job performance from their supervisor, colleagues, and customers. The UITS Career Management Plan (CMP) provides a process for exchange and discussion regarding career direction and goals. It provides the opportunity for increased formal exchanges between supervisors and staff members to promote professional growth and strategic plan action items.

The employee submits a completed CMP document (via email attachment) to their supervisor. The supervisor will add comments; provide input; and return to the employee. The supervisor and employee will discuss; finalize; and sign the document.

Final CMP documents are submitted as electronic .pdf attachments from managers (with cc: to the director of their area and the employee) to UITSHR. These documents are due by the end of May.

360 degree Feedback Process

January - March

Conducted in conjunction with the career management process, the UITS Feedback Process focuses on behaviors and competencies. Feedback recipients gain insight into how they are perceived by their most valued constiuents. This knowledge provides valuable professional development references. The UITS system enables 360 degrees of feedback. The nature of work and team size determine the scope. Submitting feedback is voluntary and anonymous. We encourage all participants to take time to provide honest, relevant, and constructive feedback.

System Setup
January 4 - January 11

  • Email will be sent to all appointed staff about this process.
  • If applicable, msnagers send internal shift supervisory structure diagrams to UITSHR including staff member and who should be primary (immediate supervisor) and secondary(team manager).
  • Employees compile a lst of names and email addresses of ten peers, vendors, or clients they have worked or partnered with during the past year.

Feedback Process InfoShares
January 14: 3pm to 4pm - IUB CIB 207A and IUPUI IT303. Video bridge 234646
January 15: 9am to 10am - IUB CIB 207A and IUPUI IT303. Video bridge 234646

Setting up contacts
January 14 - January 29

  • Employees visit the Feedback Dashboard to input the contact information.
  • Upon submission, the contact list to the primary supervisor shown at the top of the contact table for review and approval.
  • Employees receive email notification of contact approval or any disapprovals requiring correction.
  • Feedback Contact Entry Instructions guide

Mailing of feedback solicitations
February 8: First mass mailing will occur and be sent once a week thereafter through February.

Providing Feedback
February 8 - March 31

  • Employee Feedback - A random selection of contacts will receive a feedback solicitation email request to answer 15 questions. There is also a text box for comments.
  • Supervisor/Manager Feedback- For teams of three or more appointed staff, employees receive a feedback solicitaton email to provide mangerial foeedback. There 23 questions with a text box for comment. The feedback system allows employees to submit feedback for up to two supervisors if applicable.

Reviewing Results
Results are available online within the Feedback dashboard. Supervisors are able to view employee feedback scores/comments for each member of their team in addition to their own employee and managerial feedback.

Providing feedback is voluntary. Therefore receiving no results, or fewer than expected, should not be negatively regarded.