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The following position reporting to Doug Pearson, Technical Director, REN-ISAC is being posted externally. If interested, you must apply online at
Refer to job number #10381.

Lead Security Engineer - PA3IT

Serves as lead security engineer supporting the security information gathering, analysis, and sharing, incident response, and information product development activities of the Research and Education Networking . Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC).

Performs high-level analysis of complicated and disparate technical and data architectures, by applying highly specialized training and experiences, to identify and rectify technical and information security threats and vulnerabilities. Performs analysis of cyber security vulnerability and threat; and develops alerts, notifications, and other information products based on that analysis. Provides response to cyber security incidents that affect supported networks or that have wide-spread affect in the R&E sector.

Develops new information resources, analysis techniques, and information products; and develops relationships and works closely with security and network engineers supporting higher education institutions and national and international R&E networks, with private security collaborations, with REN-ISAC members, and with collaborators in the formal US ISAC structure.

Scope of work is in direct service to all institutions of higher education, and in support of efforts to protect national cyber-infrastructure through the formal US ISAC structure. Effort involves interaction and coordination with a wide-range of technical staff, primarily external to the University. Makes recommendations as to risk versus benefit and cost of protections; and provides reports and recommendations on appropriate tactical and strategic security actions. Provides input that could have a direct impact on important technology decisions made at the high levels of university information technology organizations. Participates in and lead computer emergency response teams; provides very high level of security technical and practical expertise and consulting; and provides training and leadership to front-line watch desk technicians. Must gain and maintain a significant depth of knowledge in many widely varied technology areas; and participates in the administration and development of REN-ISAC systems and tools.

REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree and four years of experience in advanced systems analysis, programming, or systems administration, computer incident response and investigation.

Combinations of related education and experience may be considered.

Demonstrated knowledge of the following: IP protocols and related network applications (e.g. DNS, SMTP, HTTP, etc.); tcpdump, netflow, firewalls, router ACLs; and intrusion detection and prevention devices. Extensive knowledge of security vulnerabilities and attack methods; and extensive working knowledge of the Microsoft and UNIX operating systems, Active Directory, and utilities used in system administration and customization. Working knowledge of security analysis tools, system logging, and security incident diagnosis.

Ability to effectively communicate and document in the areas of primary responsibility; excellent oral and written communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills; and a high level of accuracy, dependability and responsibility.

Preferred: Bachelor's degree in computer science or other IT related field; two years of experience in development, administration, and maintenance of security systems and software; extensive experience in web information and application delivery; Perl programming; ability to apply security tools in small- and large-scale vulnerability assessments (vulnerability scanners, password cracking tools, etc.); practical experience with one or more relational database packages; established relationships in the global community of cyber security defenders; experience in Macintosh operating systems and applications; experience in a university-based technology environment.

Other: Research and Education Networking - Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC) -

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