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Human Resources

UITS Appointed Professional and Support Staff Recruitment Process

From posting to employee's first day at work

Tools: UITS HIREworks and PeopleAdmin

PeopleAdmin quick guides and video:

Resources: View the LinkedIn Best Practices for Hiring Managers presentation here.

Process: Your recruitment coordinator can...

  • Help you customize your posting in LinkedIn
  • Share best practices with you and your team to promote our organizational/unit brand
  • Set up a search for resume mining for an open position or create a pipeline for a future hire
  • And more!

  1. The position description and securing permission to recruit
    1. Hiring manager must review the current job description and submit revised copy to the UITS HR Coordinator. For new positions, hiring managers may receive sample position descriptions as a template or ask for a cl one of current positions within their unit. Approximate time for approval of position creation/update is seven to ten business days. Hiring managers will be sent email when position creation/update has received final approval.
    2. Divisional Leadership approval is required to fill any appointed staff vacancy. This is secured through senior leadership committee review. Approval notice via email from senior Leadership should be saved as a .pdf for upload into HIREworks.
    3. While DL approval and position description is routing to approval, the hiring manager will login to HIREworks. Using the "request position" action button, fill in the details of the position and requested advertising steps including, but not limited to, term of appointment; duration of the advertisement; and if the job should be advertised internally within the department or external posting.
    4. Using the "Upload DL Approval Action" button, the hiring manager uploads .pdf version of DL Approval which turns the "DL Approval" button green.
    5. These two entries trigger funding confirmation which will be evident when the first column "FO Approval" button turns green.

  2. The Posting announcement
    1. Once entry into HIREworks is complete; DL and FO approval buttons are green and position number is visible in HIREworks; UITS Recruitment Coordinator will provide a draft posting announcement via email for hiring manager review. This announcement is composed using Section A: Position Summary and Section C: Qualifications from the official job description.
    2. With hiring manager approval, UITS Recruitment Coordinator will post in the PeopleAdmin system
      1. University posting announcements for professional staff are published on a DAILY basis
      2. University posting announcements for Support Staff are posted on Fridays with a noon Thursday submission deadline.
    3. If noted in HIREworks, UITS Recruitment Coordinator will obtain estimates for any other external venues(IE: Career,, LinkedIN, local newspaper); share these estimates with hiring manager and obtain account and subaccount to charge for the external advertising.
    4. UITS Recruitment Coordinator will include a link to posting announcements via department-wide email once per week.
      1. PeopleAdmin
      2. UITS HR Job Listing
    5. UITS Recruitment Coordinator will mark the "Posted" bullet green within HIREworks.

  3. Application Process
    1. For external postings, all applicants (even applicants who already work at IU or within our department) must apply through the PeopleAdmin system atPeopleAdmin )
    2. For internal only postings, all applicants must be appointed staff members of UITS and will now apply through PeopleAdmin system.

  4. View and Interview Applicants
    For internal only postings, skip this section, start screening and interviewing based on applications received. Ensure that all applications submitted directly to the Hiring Manager are shared with UITS Recruitment Coordinator.
    1. PeopleAdmin system access to applicant information is limited to hiring committee members for that particular job. Hiring manager should determine/select hiring committee members and applicant reviewers to be given access to view applicant information by adding usernames within HIREworks.
    2. Hiring manager and specified hiring committee members use their CAS authentication to log on to University PeopleAdmin system and select appropriate role ie applicant reviewer or search committee.
    3. Manager/Hiring committee views/screens the referred applicants but only applicant reviewer can move the applicant through PeopleAdmin, such as interview or not selected. There is no notification of new applicant referrals so establishing regular re-check pattern is required.
    4. Manager/Hiring committee reviews their campus specific procedures via Employment Departmental Resources campus information
    5. Manager/Hiring committee compose interview questions. Assistant is available at UITS Hiring Practices including lawful/unlawful questions, interview suggestions and questions.
    6. Manager/Hiring committee/Divisional Admin Assistant schedules interviews.

  5. Making the Selection
    1. After completing final interviews, Manager/Hiring committee make final selection
    2. Manager/Hiring committee checks references; verifies credentials; and according to Background Check Policy(See E#5) verifies educational and employment history during the period of at least seven years immediately preceding application at Indiana University.
    3. Using the "Make an Offer" action button in HIREworks, hiring manager submits request to hire thus turning the "Offer Req'd" button green
        The HIREworks system routes the request through internal approvals.
      1. If the candidate is currently an IU employee and you are requesting a salary increase, please include a justification highlighting the increase in complexity, scope, or impact of the work to support the increase. These comments should be made in the "Notes" section.
      2. Funding approval for final salary offer will be evident when "Funding Approval" button turns green.
      3. UITS Recruitment Coordinator will notify the manager that the verbal offer may be made contingent on appropriate approvals.
      4. Appropriate University wide approvals will be secured and will become evident when the "HR/UBO Approval" button turns green. For existing IU employees this may take up to two weeks as UBO approval is required for any mid-year salary change.
      5. Upon acceptance of verbal offer, UITS Recruitment Manager will compose and offer letter and upload into HIREworks for the hiring manager to send to the successful applicant which will turn to "Offer Ltr" button green.

  6. Finish Hiring process
    1. The hiring manager will download the offer letter from HIREworks using the "View Offer" button, secure the candidates signature, and upload the signed offer letter back into HIREworks using the "Upload Acceptance Ltr" button.
    2. UITS HR office determines whether a background check is required and notifies the the hiring manager. If necessary, UITSHR team will work with the hiring manager and successful applicant to complete the appropriate campus level background consent form and initiate the process.
    3. Additional necessary forms are collected from successful applicant including: ED and PSA
    4. UITS Recruitment Coordinator initiates background check and receives confirmation from background check.
    5. UITS Recruitment Coordinator sends an invitation to complete Section One of I-9 in compliance with everify process
    6. UITS Recruitment Coordinator sends regrets via email to external applicants (manager/Hiring committee notifies all internal applicants)
    7. UITS Recruitment Coordinator will ensure that appropriate hiring edocs are entered and approved
    8. UITS HR Coordinator welcomes employee via email and schedules departmental employee orientation meeting.

  7. UITS New employee Orientation/Onboarding (on or preferably before employee start date)
    1. The employee may create/modify username and email access via Account Management Services. Hire edoc must be fully processed before the Account Management system will recognize the person and their affiliation with the University. Affiliation determines the options that are available.
    2. Payroll paperwork is completed online via Employee Center in (including direct deposit, W2 forms,and contact information)
    3. IU Benefits discussed either in person with HR Coordinator and/or via campus level orientation. Benefits can be previewed by successful applicant via online Benefits video link specified in offer letter.
    4. Attendance tracking and paid time off plan/policies discussed
    5. UITS picture badge produced and building access card issued
    6. Manager utilizes the General Manager Onboarding guide found in the the UITS Onboarding toolkit and the New Employee Checklist.

  8. When the hire is fully processed, new employees (brand new or rehired or promoted from non-appointed positions) receive an email from central University Human Resources Services to enroll in their benefits online via Employee Center in These employees have 30 days from their start date to enroll in their benefits.