Indiana University

Human Resources

UITS Onboarding Toolkit

Onboarding is the process by which new hires get adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and smoothly and learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviors required to function effectively within an organization. UITS HR has developed resources for managers to use in order to help during this important process. Ultimately, the faster new hires feel welcome and prepared for their jobs, the faster they will be able to successfully contribute to the UITS mission. Please consider using the resources provide and contact UITS HR if you have any onboarding questions or concerns.

1) General Manager Onboarding Guide: Onboarding is ultimately the responsibility of the manager. Use this checklist to make sure that you have appropriately prepared for your new hire.s arrival and are actively engaging the new hire during their first few months on the job.

2) Buddy Program Overview: A Buddy Program is a great way to integrate the new associate. If a Buddy Program is implemented, managers and buddies should have open and constant communication to ensure the new hire is being exposed to all aspects of UITS.

3) Suggested Onboarding Schedule (roles of Manager, Buddy and HR): This step-by-step guide is set up to help the manager understand the more specific steps in the onboarding process. The calendar is a suggested guide and can be modified depending on specific new hire.s personal needs.

4) Tips for Assigning Buddies: A buddy is a great way to help quickly integrate a new associate into UITS culture and working environment. Use this resource to help better understand how to assign a buddy and what qualities to look for when recommending buddy placement.

5) Tips for Buddies: If you do select a buddy, please provide them with this tip sheet. The buddy's role is flexible and it is the manager's role to decide how the buddy system will work for your new hire and team.