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OVPIT/UITS Human Resources

New Employee Checklist

Congratulations! You've survived recruitment, hired a new staff member, and are ready to move forward with onboarding. Below are two checklists to guide you, the new employee's supervisor, through this important orientation process.

Checklist #1: the Human Resources/Business Office

For hourly non-appointed staff, Please contact UITSPAY to initialize paperwork/payroll steps.

For appointed staff, the UITS HR Coordinator will send the staff member a welcome message with details according to their situation (brand new staff member; rehire; transfer from another department; promotion; etc) This email will offer scheduling of a detailed benefit orientation/departmental overview meeting for Bloomington campus staff (Bloomington does not have a cdentral campus orientation meeting for staff) prior to their appointment date. Departmental overview meetings are also suggested in some cases and can be scheduled upon request. Managers are encouraged to use our onboarding toolkit.

New employees complete steps required to initialize their employment/payroll and receive valuable information about our department and their benefits. New staff employees fall into different catagories (New to IU, transfers from elsewhere on campus, hourly becoming appointed, etc.) so the necessary steps will vary.

Full-time appointed staff will receive a welcome message and onboarding meeting invitation via email from our departmental HR Coordinator. These welcome messages are customized to fit the campus location and hiring situation. For brand new staff the message includes useful links including how to secure an email account; complete online payroll forms; link to benefits video; instructions for obtaining a parking permit; and housing information as needed. The meeting for transferring staff includes badge, card key, UITS departmental overview (if needed) and notification of changes (if any ) to their benefits.

The following are essential parts of the new employee process for all staff whether part-time or full-time. These steps are executed by the UITS Payroll team or the UITS HR team or the hiring manager as specified.

  • All staff must have valid authorization to work: This is done online via I9/everify. Employee completes Section One. To complete the employer portion of the I-9, the employee should bring identification including social security card, driving license, etc to the UITS Recruitment Coordinator (full-time staff) or Payroll Associates (temporary part-time staff). This process may not be necessary if the individual has been working elsewhere at IU without a break in service and is a U.S Citizen or lawful Permanent Resident.

  • All staff receive UITS picture identification badge-UITS Recruitment Coordinator (full-time) or Payroll Associates (temporary part-time staff)

  • All staff receive card key for Building access-UITS Recruitment Coordinator (full-time) or UITS Payroll Associates (temporary part-time staff)

  • All staff must have an IU Network ID -new employee creates own account at (All hiring paperwork must be fully processed before the systems will recognize the individual's affiliation with the University). UITS HR discuss this with new full-time employees and hiring manager is responsible for assisting temporary part-time staff to obtain their network id.

  • Electronic mail distribution lists and telephone directory - email your division's administrative assistant.

Brand new full-time appointed employees and temporary staff who have become eligible for retirement will receive an email from University Human Resources inviting them to enroll online. Employees have only 30 calendar days from their hire date to enroll in benefits so our goal is for the new staff member to be ready and choice confident as soon as possible.

Some campuses offer campuswide benefit orientations that employees are invited to attend. These invitations are sent to their email addresses. The employee may choose to attend their campus meeting or allow UITS HR to discuss benefits as part of the new employee meeting. Either way, staff receive a benefits summary and general overview of several benefits including paid time off; how to record time worked/absences; and health, vision, prescription and dental benefits.

Checklist #2: The supervisor and/or the team

Because each group and unit is slightly different, we want the new employee experience to be personalized, please use the Onboarding toolkit which is designed to help managers stay organized and prepared during the onboarding process. Below is a list of the things your team or you will want to prepare or conduct prior to or within their first few days at work. Remember you are not alone in this effort! An asterisk (*) indicates other resources that are available to assist you, and of course you'll have many ideas of your own to include.

*(1) A Manager from Communications Group conducts tours of all UITS on the last Wednesday of each month from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.

*(2) If you prefer, the UITS Human Resources Officer can help prepare and issue an announcement organization-wide.