UITS Financial System VU Application Online Help

VU Financial Reporting Application

    Application Overview   

    VU is an interactive, multidimensional environment to support financial reporting for UITS.  The application utilizes existing financial data from the DSS Data Warehouse.  VU is a multi-tiered thin client Windows application, requiring no installation and no additional files on the client workstation.

    Key features:

    How can I access VU?

        To access VU you will need an ID and password for IUIE.   You can request that access online at this address: https://www.indiana.edu/~iuie/prod/IuieWelcome.html  Registering for IUIE will provide you with and account on the DSS server.

    What kind of reports are available in VU?

        The primary function of VU is to compare actual cleared income and expenses to budgets, to show the resulting variance.  In addition, VU provides consolidation features, so that budget/variance information can be produced at a very detailed level, or combined into reporting codes, divisions, or UITS as a whole.  Drilldown functionality is also available to provide visibility of the detail underlying income or expense data.

    Why would I use VU?

        Most of our reporting tools require that you already know what you are looking for before you begin looking.  The great advantage of the VU system is that you do not need to know an account or sub account or object code to begin.  For example, if you wanted to find the location of the travel budget within a division of UITS, our traditional reporting systems would require that you run detail reports for the entire division, and check each detail report for a travel budget.  With VU, you can run an interactive report for the division, and drill down from the travel budget to get a list of all the accounts and sub accounts that make up that budget.

    VU can provide a quick answer to the simple questions, to see the balance left in a budget, to see if some anticipated income has cleared.  But it can also be used as the basis for much more complex analysis.  The consolidation features allow you to view activity at a single sub account, across a division, or for all of UITS with equal ease.

    When is VU available?

        The VU application availability is based on the availability of the IEDSS server, which is available weekdays 7:30AM to 10:30PM, Saturday 10:00AM to 10:30PM and Sunday noon to 10:30PM.

    Why VU?

        The VU application is intended to be the functional equivalent of the VU meter in a recording studio.  A simple, immediate and indispensable window into the process.  And just like its namesake, careful monitoring of the VU application can help keep you from going in the red.