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    VU can generate some simple pie charts which can be printed or exported as a bitmap image to other applications or slide shows.  The Graph Form can be accessed from either the Interactive Query Results Form or the Print Image Report Form via the Windows menu or by pressing the Graph button near the top right of the form.

    The graph is based on activity for the account/sub account combinations chosen on the Selection Form, but can be customized by using the radio buttons on the Graph Form.  A choice can be made to display either income or expense data, either budget or cleared data, and the sections of the pie chart can represent fund balances, charts or detail or consolidated levels of activity types.

    A print button allows the graph to be sent to a printer, and a Clipboard button allows the graph to be exported as a bitmap so that it can be used in another application.


    Part of the original intention of the VU system was to provide a place to store and retrieve comments and information about our budgets and financial activity.  This has not been implemented in version 1.x of the application, but may be offered as a future enhancement given sufficient interest.

    This would be implemented as something like a bulletin board system, where UITS FO personnel and interested parties outside the FO could share information, posting questions, answers, and explanatory information at the account/sub account level.  Examples would be an overview of the services provided by the budget, an explanation of anticipated income, a request for a carry forward or a note on how a carry forward amount was calculated.  These and other comments would be stored at the account/sub account level, and could be retrieved and browsed by account/sub, by manager, by division, or by activity type.  The purpose would be to provide easy visibility of the kinds of typical questions that arise, as well as to serve as a to-do list and documentation of actions taken.

    If you would like to see such a feature, or you have other ideas for features you would like to see implemented, please email uitsfin@indiana.edu with your comments.     <top>