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Medical Plan

photoStart Your Child’s Medical Coverage

If you are an IU Academic or Staff employee who is enrolled in a medical plan, eligible dependents can be enrolled in the same plan when a qualifying change in family status occurs.

Coverage for newborns and newly adopted children can begin at the date of birth. It can also begin the date you assume legal responsibility for the child’s support in anticipation of adoption. There are important deadlines for adding dependents to your medical plan, so act quickly. You can add a dependent child to your plan:

Go to Life Events and Benefits Changes site and follow the instructions on how to add a dependent to your plan.  If you have any questions contact or call 812-856-1234.

Estimating Maternity Costs

IU-sponsored medical plans pay a significant part of the medical costs of maternity care. A normal vaginal delivery typically costs between $9,000 and $10,000 dollars which includes prenatal visits, required ultrasounds, delivery, hospital room and board, and a follow-up visit. Cesarean deliveries are between $11,000 and $13,000.

There may be additional costs such as for anesthesia, complications, prescriptions, circumcision, and tubal ligation. The final cost depends on your medical plan, remaining deductible amount, and out-of-pocket maximum, and which providers you choose.

The Castlight transparency tool can help you more closely estimate costs.