PA type | Receptionist | Accounting Associate | Laboratory Technician | Library Services Associate | Data Entry Operator | Administrative Secretary | Technical Support Provider

Note: These are intended only as illustrations and are not necessarily complete or accurate for specific positions.

Example of Major Duties for PA types of jobs (not representative of specific positions, but listed to represent examples of major duties from a wide variety of jobs)

  • Conducts feasibility studies and performs and/or oversees research activities
  • Develops project objectives, budgets, work plans and implementation strategies
  • Redirects personnel and resources as needed
  • Analyzes, synthesizes and communicates financial information and data in complex account structures; uses data to develop budget and financial plans
  • Design/develop and negotiate contracts with clients and vendors
  • Develops policies and/or interprets and implements all federal, state, local and university policies, procedures and regulations
  • Analyzes industry trends and the impact on the business of the unit; determines and recommends strategies
  • Performs management duties with accountability and authority for the strategic direction of the unit
  • Develops curriculum for an academic unit
  • Assists students with academic problems and/or advises students regarding degree requirements
  • Designs computer systems or programs utilizing systems analysis techniques
  • Relies on own creative ability to create original designs
  • Oversees the preparation, processing and distribution of information to the media and public; researches and writes press releases
  • Identifies sources of outside funding; develops budget proposals
  • Develops operating budget for a major unit; oversees and authorizes budget transactions
  • Oversees cost analysis and determines appropriate rates, charges and fee structures

Example of Major Duties for a Receptionist

  • Greets customers
  • Answers phone
  • Distributes incoming and prepares outgoing mail
  • Maintains files
  • Duplicates materials

Example of Major Duties for an Accounting Associate

  • Researches information
  • Processes requests for external funding
  • Monitors accounts and processes paperwork

Example of Major Duties for a Laboratory Technician

  • Prepares laboratory reagents, cultures and solutions
  • Washes and sterilizes glassware and equipment
  • Keeps inventory of laboratory materials
  • Orders materials as needed
  • Sets up experiment apparatus
  • Keeps records of research results

Example of Major Duties for a Library Services Associate

  • Oversees library department desk
  • Responds to patrons' questions and resolves problems
  • Maintains library data bases
  • Trains student workers
  • Reshelves library materials

Example of Major Duties for Data Entry Operator

  • Codes data for entry
  • Enters data into system
  • Verifies data for accuracy and completeness
  • Investigates discrepancies in files and reconciles differences
  • Answers phone inquiries regarding data
  • Keeps files

Example of Major Duties for Administrative Secretary

  • Oversees clerical support functions; establishes work priorities, trains staff
  • Composes correspondence
  • Formats and edits brochures, reports, manuscripts, etc.
  • Develops and maintains complex files and databases
  • Researches and analyzes information and drafts reports
  • Keep department budget, reconciles statements, assists in budget preparation, recommends and approves purchases
  • Keeps calendars, arranges meetings
  • Makes travel arrangements and completes travel documents

Example of Major Duties for Technical Support Provider

  • Provides technical support to computer users; identifies and repairs problems, monitors computer configurations, installs hardware and software
  • Makes recommendations as to system needs
  • Develops user support documentation
  • Trains users on hardware and software applications
  • Keeps maintenance records and documentation
  • Maintains files and databases
  • Serves as resource on technical questions