New Employee Departmental Orientation


Each of the objectives listed should be addressed for your orientation to be effective. Prioritize them in order of importance to your department.

Welcome new employees, relieve their anxieties, and make them feel comfortable. What special things can you do to make new employees feel comfortable, welcome and secure? How can you encourage a spirit of inquiry in new employees?

Inspire new employees with a good attitude toward IU and the new job. What impressions do you want a new employee to have? How can you instill the desired work attitudes?

Confirm the employee's decision to join IU and your department. Have you ever taken a job where you knew from the very start that you made a good decision or that the job wasn't going to work out? What factors influenced your impressions? How can you confirm a new employee's decision?

Acquaint new employees with departmental goals, policies, and unwritten rules or customs. What key policies and unwritten rules must a new employee know so as not to make embarrassing mistakes on days one through five? Examples include:

Communicate expectations and responsibilities to new employees. Write out your responses to the following questions.

Ensure new employees are familiar with the following:

Supervisors are responsible for applying campus-specific procedures for reporting sexual harassment and for requesting an accommodation.


Part 3: Orientation Checklist

New Employee Departmental Orientation

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  2. 2. Objectives 
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