Storm Water Pollution Prevention

General Requirements
In accordance with EPA, Indiana has passed and implemented regulations which make it illegal to dump any materials into storm drains, or into areas subject to storm water run-off. Indiana University is subject to these regulations, and has implemented a Storm Water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP). Outlined within this plan are six minimum control measures that act as guidelines to follow to minimize the harmful effects of storm water runoff. The six minimum control measures are: Public Education and Outreach, Public Participation and Involvement, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, Construction site Runoff Control, Post-Construction Runoff Control and Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping.

327 IAC 15-13 Storm Water Phase II Rule
327 IAC 15-5 Storm Water Run-off Associated with Construction Activity

Keys to Compliance for Supervisors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can biodegradable or “green” cleaners be poured into a storm drain?
A. No. Even though “green” cleaners are safer for the environment, they are still not safe for the animals and plants that live in streams.

Q. Can I wash off equipment , sidewalks, etc… into a storm drain?
A. No. Always use dry cleaning methods (broom and dust pan) and only wash equipment in designated areas well away from storm drains.

Q. Who do I contact with a question about storm water pollution prevention?
A. Contact EHS at 812-855-0857

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