Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene

General Requirements
Laboratory safety encompasses several topics – occupational exposure to chemicals in laboratories, bloodborne pathogens, medical surveillance, and occupational exposure monitoring. It is, however, limited in scope to laboratories where small quantities of chemicals are used (quantities that can be handled and manipulated by a singe person.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1450

Keys to compliance for supervisors

Frequently asked Questions

Q. What is an “action level”?
A. An “action level” is the specific amount of a chemical, as defined by OSHA, which initiates a medical monitoring or exposure monitoring program if an employees’ exposure exceeds that amount.

Q. How can I determine the hazards associated with a specific chemical?
A. The container label will provide some information; the Material Safety Data Sheet must provide information on the chemical’s hazards, ways to minimize exposure, and steps to be taken if employee exposure occurs.

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