Bloomington Support Staff Job Specs

Job Title and Grade: Customer Services Assistant Senior / SS0D

Job Code: 002216

Date: 10/05


This is clerical and administrative work performing a variety of routine and non-routine tasks related to sales and/or requests for services, products or equipment and the processing of paperwork involved in associated financial transactions.


Investigates and resolves customer inquires and complaints involving transactions, merchandise, services or equipment; prepares documents to correct any errors and issues appropriate compensation; prepares, analyzes, and interprets regular reports related to inquires, sales and complaints.

Receives requests and responds to inquiries for services, products, or equipment and assists customers with purchases/acquisitions.

Performs basic bookkeeping operations; receives fees/payments, process transactions and financial documents; prepares information for entry into centralized system; audit invoices; reconciles customer accounts.

Reviews documents and reports to ensure compliance with policies and procedures;

Assists in instructing and training staff in procedures and systems used by department.

Researches change of addresses to ensure accurate mailing of materials.

Maintains and monitor stock and/or equipment.


Knowledge of computer and spreadsheet/database software.

Familiarity with standard office procedures and equipment.

Good communications skills.

Ability to perform standard math calculations.

Money handling skills.

Ability to work well with a wide range of people.

Ability to apply guidelines to different situations.


Education: High school diploma or GED

Experience: Six months sales, retail or other customer service experience

The intent of this job specification is to provide a representative summary of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of positions given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Employees may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this specification.