Service Wage Guidelines

Wage Guidelines


Starting Wage Rate - New Hire or Employee moves into a Service position from a different employee group

An hourly wage rate up to the salary range midpoint (MP) can be established by the campus/unit. A starting wage rate above the MP can be considered for individuals with many years of directly related/transferable experience with approval of UHRS. Internal pay equity should be maintained.

Promotion to higher level position

The wage rate due to the promotion to a higher level job should be based on the employee’s skills and experience relative to the new position and the unit's fiscal resources.  Increases that result in a wage rate above the MP or greater than a 8% increase require UHRS approval. 

Lateral Transfer

When an employee transfers to a job at the same classification level, an increase may be considered up to 5% if there is a significant difference in the complexity of the duties assigned. The duties must be documented in a position description (PD).  All wage increases must be approved by Campus HR and internal pay equity must be maintained.


An employee who voluntarily chooses a lower level position or is placed in a lower level position due to lack of performance or qualifications, will receive a reduction in wages to the corresponding wage rate of employees with comparable exp. performing similar work. Wage rates should be determined in consultation with Campus HR.

Wage increases with no change in classification level

Up to a 5% wage increase may be considered to address:

  1. internal equity; or
  2. more complex duties assigned with no change in job

Increases must be approved by Campus HR; and increases greater than 5% require UHRS approval.

Wage Rates above the Maximum

Employee with wage rate greater than the maximum of the salary range will have a 'frozen' or 'red-circled' wage rate until it falls below the maximum of the salary range.

Any annual wage increases will be paid in the form of additional pay (fiscal year supplement, FYS) in bi-weekly installments over the fiscal year.

An employee with a FYS who changes positions, with the exception of a change to Professional Staff, during the fiscal year will continue to receive the FYS.

Apprentice Wage Rates

Wage rates year 1 to 4: 75/80/85/90% of hiring rate established by campus for journey level job.