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Maintain Position PRV - Position Review (Request Reclassification)

  1. Complete a Position Description.
  2. Print a copy of the Position Description document and attain required signatures of the immediate supervisor, next-level manager, and employee. Maintain the signed paper copy of the Position Description for your files or forward it to the individual within your department who is responsible for maintaining Position Descriptions.
  3. Forward the electronic document of the Position Description to the E-doc initiator.
  4. Initiate a Maintain Position PRV E-doc embedding the Position Description into the ‘detailed description’ field. The effective date is the date the E-doc is initiated. Attach a departmental organizational chart, including titles, position numbers, and incumbents’ names for each staff position in the note section of the e-doc.  Reference “Org chart attached.” Once all fields have been completed, click on the ‘submit’ button. The E-doc will automatically route electronically for approvals.
  5. When the position review is complete, IU HR will assign a classification to the position. 


  • If the review results in a reclassification, IU HR will initiate a reclassification E-doc (RCL) and communicate the results to the department via email. The effective date of the reclassification is the beginning of the pay period following IU HR approval.
  • If the review does not result in a reclassification, the submitted Position Description will be saved into HRMS as an update and the results will be communicated to the department via email.
  • The PRV E-doc does not route back to the department. Therefore, those who are in the routing chain or who receive the IU HR-generated communication email are responsible for notifying others in their department.
  1. The immediate supervisor or next-level manager is responsible for communicating the classification results to the incumbent.