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Part IV: General Rules

OSHA citation 1910.25-29

  1. Scaffolds and any related ropes and lines should be in good repair and equipped with operable safety brakes.
  2. When working above people, furniture, equipment or machinery, have them moved, if possible, or protected.
  3. Where a scaffold is over ten feet high, guardrails and toe boards must be installed on any open side or end.
  4. Scaffolds should not be moved horizontally while in use. Do not work on a scaffold or ladder during a storm or high wind conditions. Inspect scaffolds each time they are re-rigged.
  5. Inspect wire ropes frequently and assure they are adequately lubricated. Prevent wire ropes from becoming kinked. Be sure the cable end is free to turn.
  6. Weight on scaffolding must not exceed the manufacturer’s rated load. Impose loads on the scaffold gently and without impact. Two or more scaffolds must not be combined into one except for multi-point scaffolding. The connection of wire ropes to the rigging must be made with proper fittings designed for that purpose. Never use makeshift devices. All overhead connections must be prevented from movement in any direction. Tiebacks shall be secured to a structurally sound portion of the building. Window cleaning eyelets can never be used for this purpose. Make sure that guardrails and midrails are properly secured.
  7. Do not install the scaffold in the vicinity of power lines; avoid electrical contact.
  8. The capacity of a roof hook must at least equal the capacity of the hoist.
  9. Periodically check and retighten fasteners, as wire rope will stretch, causing the clamps to loosen. The wire rope should be clear of all building projections under all conditions. Check to ensure feet are not sinking, reinforce with wood, concrete, or other durable material as per OSHA regulations, if needed.
  10. Each worker must wear an approved safety life belt attached to a lifeline. The lifeline shall be attached to a structurally sound part of the building or to securely rigged lines. Never attach the lifeline to the scaffold or its supports.

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Page updated: July 2006
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