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Part IV: General Rules
Light Fixtures

  1. When a lamp is broken off in the socket, call the appropriate Maintenance Office. Always replace a light with the same watt and type lamp.
  2. When changing lights in stairways, be cautious of opening doors. If possible use another person to block the entrance.
  3. Use caution when handling all fluorescent tubes; they contain poisonous mercury and phosphorus. Used fluorescent tubes must be treated as hazardous waste, and cannot be disposed of in trash receptacles. Contact Building Services for disposal information. Fluoresent tubes should be put back in cardboard box.
  4. Wear safety glasses or goggles for eye protection.
  5. When standing directly below a person working overhead, use goggles.
  6. Do not submerge tubes or lamps in cleaning solution or use excess water on fixtures.
  7. All electrical currents should be shut off when working on light fixtures. Observe lockout and tagout procedures.
  8. Make certain your hands are dry when cleaning or changing bulbs.
  9. Place old light ballasts in the proper containers for hazardous material disposal.
  10. Exit routes must be adequately illuminated. Change all burned-out light bulbs immediately.
  11. Consult your supervisor and/or Environmental Health and Safety Regulatory Guide (PDF) for proper disposal of all old ballasts, lamps and batteries. They must be treated as hazardous waste.

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