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Part IV: General Rules

OSHA citation 1910.25-29

  1. A box, chair, carton, shelves or anything handy is not to be used as a ladder. Use only ladders in good repair and equipped with safety shoes.
  2. Report any defects to your supervisor.
  3. Wooden scaffolding planks, walkboards and ladders shall not be painted.
  4. Ladders should be stored in a location where they will not be exposed to the elements, and where there is good ventilation.
  5. Be sure the ladder is long enough to do the job safely.
  6. No ladder should be placed in front of a door that opens towards it unless the door is blocked, locked or guarded.
  7. When using a stepladder, make sure that it is fully spread and locked. Check for unsafe hinges as well as steps and uprights.
  8. Fiberglass ladders are preferred over aluminum or wood when working around electrical equipment. If an aluminum ladder must be used, be sure it has rubber shoes. Observe all warning tags.
  9. Never attempt to use a ladder in a strong wind.
  10. Always be sure that ladder feet are level before climbing.
  11. Do not climb on a ladder that is occupied by someone else.
  12. When climbing or descending, face the ladder and hold onto each rung.
  13. No attempt should be made to reach beyond a normal arm’s length while standing on the ladder, especially to the side.
  14. Ladders should be secured at the bottom to prevent kickout, and secured at the top with non-conductive material if they are tall or unstable.
  15. Never use the top three feet of an extension ladder or stand on the top two steps of any stepladder.

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Page updated: July 2006
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