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Part IV: General Rules

OSHA citation 1910.21-32, 1910.35-40

  1. Keep your work area clean and orderly. Report conditions beyond your control to the proper supervisor.
  2. Do not obstruct stairways, aisles or passageways. Keep to the right and avoid running on stairways. Keep equipment rooms clear at all times and do not use them as storage areas.
  3. Dispose of flammable and combustible scrap materials in approved containers. Discard all greasy or oily rags properly through Environmental Health and Safety.
  4. Keep all floor surfaces clean and dry. Be sure to put up “Caution” or “Wet Floor” signs as needed. Remove signs as soon as floors are dry.
  5. Keep aisles clear and pay attention to any tripping hazards.
  6. Use gloves when handling broken glass or china. Have a separate trash receptacle marked “For broken glass and china only.” Discard all cracked and broken items immediately. Use a pan and broom to sweep up the large pieces of broken glass or china. Dampen a paper towel to pick up slivers. If you suspect that there is a broken glass in soapy water, drain the water.

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Page updated: July 2006
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