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Part IV: General Rules
Hazard Communication & MSDS

OSHA citation 1910.1200

Employees have the right to know every hazardous material in their workplace. For help in identifying hazardous materials, workers may consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

  1. There is an employee “right-to-know” hazard communication program (MS Word), which includes MSDS information.
  2. Management has the responsibility to inform employees whenever a new hazardous material is brought into the workplace.
  3. MSDS sheets must be available for employees to review in their shop areas.
  4. Workers should become familiar with the nine sections of the MSDS. The sections are:
    • Manufacturer’s name and chemical name
    • Hazardous Ingredients
    • Physical Data
    • Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
    • Health Hazard Data
    • Reactivity Data
    • Spill or Leak Procedures
    • Special Protection Information
    • Special Precautions
  5. Workers should pay particular attention to:
    • Physical Data (e.g., boiling point, flash point)
    • Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
    • Health Hazard Data
    • Reactivity Data (e.g., other materials that could cause a chemical reaction)
    • Special Protection Information

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