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Part IV: General Rules
Equipment Care and Use

OSHA citation 1910.211-219

Supervisors and employees share the responsibility that equipment and tools are safe. Supervisors will promptly correct any unsafe items.

  1. All tools and equipment are to be kept in a clean and repaired condition. No matter how slight, immediately report to your supervisor anything that needs repair. Inspect all equipment regularly to discover any possible safety defects before and after use.
  2. Only appropriately trained employees should operate machinery.
  3. Buffers, floor machines and wet-dry vacuums are to be grounded and the cords should be kept clear of water.
  4. Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended RPM on any rotary equipment.
  5. All rotary operating machines and all other possible pinch points must be protected by a proper guard or shield. Whenever safeguards are removed for repair or adjustment, the power for the equipment must be turned off and the main switch locked and tagged.
  6. Electric tools shall be grounded or double-insulated in an approved manner and control switches placed at a convenient point.
  7. Tractors or other equipment with power take-off shafts must be guarded. This equipment shall be shut off before the operator dismounts to make any repairs or adjustments.
  8. When using powder-activated or pneumatic driven equipment (e.g., nailguns, RAM SET, etc.) be extremely cautious. Only properly trained employees should use them because they can be extremely dangerous.
  9. Use a tool only for the purposes for which it was designed.
  10. Keep all tools sharp and properly lubricated.
  11. Do not carry a tool by the cord or yank it to disconnect it from the receptacle.
  12. Secure your work by using clamps or a vise.
  13. When sawing, never reach under or behind the material being cut.

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