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Part I: Introduction

This manual is a guide for establishing and maintaining safe working conditions at Indiana University, and for promoting safe work practices by management and employees. We hope that implementing these safety guidelines will set a good example for the entire university community.

Indiana University recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe and healthful working environment. This shall include making reasonable efforts to promptly investigate and address health and safety issues, not requiring employees to perform tasks that are dangerous to their health and safety without adequate training and safety equipment as determined by applicable state and federal laws, and making information on hazardous materials readily accessible.

AFSCME Local 832 and the university recognize their responsibility to cooperate in maintaining and improving a safe and healthful working environment. Together they will adhere to operating practices and procedures designed to prevent illness and injury and will observe all federal, state and university safety regulations.

Applying this manual will not provide all conditions necessary to promote safety. IU management and AFSCME Local 832 must develop a philosophy of injury and illness prevention, and provide all necessary safety training, rather than establish a book of rules. Prevention of hazards will always be preferable to protection from hazards, and part of management’s safety focus is to eliminate hazards rather than require employee personal protection. Implied in each and every section of this manual is the understanding that Indiana University, its management, and the employees share the responsibility for establishing and maintaining the safest possible workplace for all. To that end, every effort will be made by Indiana University to provide the training, materials, safety equipment and technical advice necessary to foster a safe workplace.

Correspondingly, the employees of Indiana University must act in a safe and responsible manner at all times, and report to management any and all workplace situations which might lead to injury or illness. With such a cooperative effort, a safe workplace will evolve and succeed.

All of us must practice safe work habits at all times. Only a diligent effort on everyone’s part will prevent injuries and illnesses. Many people believe accidents just happen. However, many injuries and illnesses are commonly caused by unsafe acts or conditions, and can be prevented by using good judgment.

We urge management and workers to become familiar with the contents of this manual as it pertains to their particular work, and the latest requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and with the Indiana regulatory agency responsible for the enforcement of these requirements (IOSHA).

AFSCME Local 832 and Indiana University urge employees to attempt to solve any safety issues internally through existing safety complaint procedures and use of the Joint Safety Committee. In addition, any employee has the right to file a complaint with IOSHA on any workplace hazard or unsafe practice, without fear of reprisal or discipline. The law also provides that a representative of AFSCME Local 832 will accompany IOSHA inspectors during their inspections.

Where appropriate, specific OSHA citations will be noted within the individual sections of this safety manual.

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Page updated: July 2006
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