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Urine Drug Screens

Policy Statement:
It is the intent of the IU Urgent Care clinics and The Center for Occupational Health to correctly collect urine drug screens following legal regulations and to provide the patient with optimal service.

To correctly collect urine drug screens following legal regulations and provide optimal customer service.

Unauthorized personnel shall not be permitted in any part of the collection site where urine specimens are collected or stored. Only the collection person may handle specimens prior to securing in the appropriate containers for shipment to the lab.

  1. Verify the donor’s identity by driver’s license or other approved photo ID, or by the employer’s representative. If the donor has a scheduled appointment time and fails to arrive on time, contact the employer for guidance.
  2. Collect from only one person at a time. The collection procedure is considered complete when an individual urine specimen bottle has been sealed and initialed, the urine custody and control form has been executed, and the donor has departed the site.
  3. Have the donor remove any unnecessary outer garments; i.e., coats or jackets, and leave purses or briefcases with these outer garments. The donor will be asked to empty pockets while the collector looks for material, which could be used to adulterate the specimen.
  4. Have the donor wash and dry his/her hands prior to urination. The donor shall remain in the presence of the collection site person and have no access to any water, soap dispenser, cleaning agent, or any other material, which could be used to adulterate the specimen.
  5. Have the donor select a drug collection kit and open it. The individually wrapped specimen bottle(s) should not be opened until the donor returns from voiding.
  6. The donor should be allowed privacy while urinating. The toilet tank shall contain a bluing agent so that adulteration of the specimen is not possible. The donor must not flush the toilet until he/she has handed the specimen to the collection person.
  7. If the urine specimen is out of the temperature range, immediately notify the Company. If the Company is unable to be reached, another specimen shall be collected with the use of a witness. Acceptable range is 90-100° F.

Single Urine Specimen:

Split Urine Specimen (DOT):


Transport of urine specimens to the laboratory: