Phase One
Discussion & Feedback

Phase Two
Designing the Job Framework

Phase Three
Operationalize & Rollout

  • Phase One: Discussion & Feedback

  • August 2017

    President’s Cabinet Support

    The Job Framework Redesign Project gained the approval and support of the President’s Cabinet of Indiana University.

  • August 2017

    Initial Discussion & Feedback Sessions Began

    The Human Resources Compensation team began six months of listening sessions and discussion about the needs of appointed staff employees and how to best design a job framework to meet those needs.

  • August 2017

    Pilot Project #1

    Five job families were selected for a pilot project to test our approach and to help determine gaps and opportunities in creating and implementing a new job framework. With continued feedback from key leaders, the pilot project will help inform and shape a job framework redesign process that can be consistently applied to staff job families across the university.

  • October - November 2017

    Pilot Teams Identified

    Initial project and advisory teams from across the university that will lead the work throughout the project were identified and engaged for their feedback and insights.

  • December 2017

    Initial Discussion & Feedback Ends

    To help guide its initial work, the Human Resources Compensation team spent six months gathering feedback and valuable insights from key stakeholders across Indiana University, including: Human Resources professionals, Facilities leadership, College of Arts and Sciences leadership, fiscal officers, Medical School Vice Chairs, CWA, VPIT leadership, IU regional campuses, and others. Opportunities to provide feedback will continue throughout the project.

  • Phase Two: Designing the Job Framework

  • January 2018

    Phase Two Begins

    Based on input from Phase One—Discussion & Feedback, the Human Resources Compensation team began construction of a new job framework with clearly defined jobs, levels, and role descriptors. Advisory teams continue to provide valuable insights as the team’s work progresses.

  • March 2018

    Pilot Project #2

    A second pilot project will be looking at additional job families and working with key leaders to help determine gaps and opportunities in creating and implementing the new job framework. With continued feedback from key leaders in the given function, this second pilot project will help to further refine the redesign process for implementation that can be applied to all staff job functions and families.

  • MaY 2018

    Staff Listening Sessions Begin

    All staff are invited to Listening Sessions hosted by the IU HR Compensation team at multiple locations and times across IU campuses. These events will help staff understand the new job framework and help them prepare for the future transition. Staff can hear more about the project, see an example of how the new framework is constructed, and learn how it benefits staff at IU. Each session will include time for related questions and answers. Additional sessions will be held at more IU campuses as the project continues.

  • OCTOBER 2018

    Employee Listening Sessions Continue

    The IU HR Compensation team hosted a second presentation of the Job Framework Redesign Project that focused on more specific elements to help demonstrate how the new job framework will benefit the university, current employees, and prospective employees.

  • JANUARY 2019

    IU HR Compensation Team Writing Role Descriptors

  • MAY/JUNE 2019

    IU HR Compensation Team Continues Writing Role Descriptors

    Vetting of role descriptors with business partners and management begins.

  • December 2019

    IU HR Compensation Team Finishes Writing Role Descriptors and Concludes Vetting

    The Design phase closes.

  • Phase Three: Operationalize & Rollout

  • January 2020

    Phase Three Begins

  • SPRING 2020

    Updates and Information Sessions for Employees


    Another Information Session

  • OCTOBER 2020

    New Job Framework will be Rolled Out and Implemented

    A new, transparent job framework for appointed staff employees will be introduced. Jobs, levels, and role descriptions will be clearly defined. Career development at Indiana University will be transparent, with tools to help staff employees and managers make informed decisions about promotional opportunities.