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Human Resources

Job Framework Redesign Project


Below is a glossary of terms that you may find useful when learning about this project. It will be updated, as needed, as the project continues.

Appointed Staff: Employees who hold budgeted university staff positions that may be eligible for such benefits as health care, life insurance, tuition benefit, vacation, and other paid time off benefits.

Job Family: A sub-category of classification that represents a group of jobs performing similar types of work and requiring similar skills, knowledge, and/or expertise. Each job function has its own group of job families. Some examples of families within the Finance function include: Accounting, Payroll, or Tax.

Job Framework: The structure or overall organization of jobs within job functions, job families, and job levels used to identify career progressions and to facilitate effective compensation administration.

Job Function: The largest category of classification that represents a group of related job families. Some examples of functions include: Information Technology, Finance, or Student Services.

Market-based Pay: The competitive range of pay for a job based upon analysis of relevant external compensation survey data.

Role Descriptor: A summary of the most important aspects of a job, including a brief summary of duties and responsibilities and career/job level details. Role descriptors create a foundation for career development.

Salary Surveys: Third-party surveys comprised of company-sourced compensation data matched to jobs commonly found in organizations (public and private) at varying levels with increasing essential responsibilities and qualifications.

Page updated: June 2018

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