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Job Framework Redesign Project

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ will be updated over the course of the project.

About the Project

What is the Job Framework Redesign Project?

The Job Framework Redesign Project is an initiative to implement a consistent, modernized structure for organizing jobs university-wide.

What is a job framework?

A job framework is the structure or overall organization of jobs within job functions, job families, and job levels and is used to better identify career progressions and to facilitate effective compensation administration.

How will this project benefit employees?

Appointed staff employees and managers will have a new, transparent job framework, with clearly and consistently defined jobs, levels, and role descriptors. User-friendly resources and tools will be available that will make it easier for employees to explore and consider what a career at Indiana University means for them.

Will this project eliminate jobs?

No. No employees will lose their jobs as a result of this project.

Will the project impact pay?

The project will not result in any reductions or immediate increases to base compensation.

Is my job going to change?

Job responsibilities and duties will not change as result of this project.

How will the project affect my job classification?

The project will review jobs across the university to help us understand how they are constructed, organized and relate to other jobs. This will serve as a foundation as we build out the new job framework. Jobs will be organized into new functions, families, and levels, all of which will be used to determine the classification. The changes to the classification structures and approach will provide consistency and clarity for employees when considering career development at IU.

Who is leading the project?

The IU HR Compensation Team is leading the project and will be working closely with several advisory groups.

When is the project anticipated to be completed?

The initial phase of the project is anticipated to be completed in late 2019.

Will employees be able to provide input on the new design?

Yes, we’re listening! Employees are encouraged to submit input via the Contact Us webform. There will also be opportunities to attend a listening/learning session (date TBD) for additional information as well as to ask questions.

Are temporary/hourly positions part of the new framework?

Temporary/hourly positions will not be affected by this project or included in the new framework.

Are faculty/academic positions included in the new framework?

Faculty and/or academic positions will not be affected by this project or included in the new framework.

Why are we doing pilots and what will be the result?

Pilots are opportunities to refine our process for implementing the new job framework. Through the pilots, we hope to identify the most efficient and consistent process for implementing the new job framework across all appointed staff jobs in the university. While the pilots offer opportunities to begin considering jobs in the context of the new framework, nothing will be formally implemented until rollout in 2019.

Page updated: February 2018

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