If you're having troubles logging on to a form check these items:

  1. Make sure you are using your IU Network ID username and passphrase and that you have entered both correctly. This is the same username and passphrase that you use to log on to OneStart. These are case sensitive, which means that you must use the correct uppercase or lowercase characters.

  2. Try resetting your passphrase using the Passphrase Maintenance utility at: https://passphrase.iu.edu/

  3. If you have reset your passphrase using the Passphrase Maintenance utility within the past few weeks but still can't log into the form, visit your campus Support Center to request a passphrase reset using the Super Passphrase Maintenance utility.

  4. If you are connecting through an outside Internet service provider (ISP), check with your ISP to see if a firewall or any blocking measures are in place that could prevent you from accessing the form.

  5. If you're new to IU check the Account Management Service (AMS) to make sure your account was created successfully.

If you continue to experience problems logging into a form, contact your campus Support Center.