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Indiana University and AFSCME Local 832 Agreement 2004-2005 and 2005-2006

Effective: July 1, 2004
Last Updated:

Responsible University Office: IU Human Resources

Responsible University Administrator: Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Policy Contact: IU Human Resources

Indiana University Administration and AFSCME Local 832 are agreeable to the following for the fiscal years 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.

  1. Wage Adjustment, effective July 1, 2004:

    1. Employees earning below $25,000 per year will receive a $625 increase in their base salary.

    2. Employees earning $25,000 or more per year will receive a 2.5% increase to their base salary.

    3. All increases will be rounded to the nearest cent per hour.

    4. In accordance with the July 1, 2002 Agreement between Indiana University and AFSCME Local 832:

      1. Employees whose positions were reclassified to a lower pay classification after July 1, 2002, will receive any annual wage increase in the form of a lump sum until their pay rate matches the salary rate for the new classification.

      2. Employees whose pay rates were not frozen prior to July 1, 2002, will continue to receive their salary increase to their base salary.

    • In the 2005-2006 wage re-opener, the parties agree to meet to discuss the distribution of any funds allocated for wage increases.

  2. Policy 2.6 Advertising Job Openings modifies the posting procedure to provide three levels of listing a position in departments that have more than one Service Maintenance occupational unit.   In such departments, a position may be listed in the occupational unit, in the department, or campus-wide.   Notice of job openings will be mailed to the union.

  3. Policy 2.7 Process for Recruitment/Selection permits a department to use the applicant pool if within 90 days from the ending date (last Saturday of the posting period) of the most recent job position:

    1. The position becomes vacant again

    2. Another opening for the same job title and classification level occurs in the same unit

    3. If known at the time of posting, the posting will reflect that more than one job opening is available.

  4. Policy 2.8 Promotions and Transfers adds a provision to the end of Paragraph A.4 that employees are responsible for ensuring that their application is up to date before it will be referred.

  5. Policy 2.10 Probationary Period Paragraph A.3 caps the extension of the initial 4-month probationary period at two additional months and caps the extension of the initial 12-month probationary period for police officers at two additional months.

  6. Policy 2.14 Payroll Procedures and Time Cards requires the department to initiate an adjustment voucher to Payroll no later than the third workday following the day the employee's supervisor is notified of an employee's pay shortage; requires Payroll to make the payment to the employee within two workdays of receipt of the adjustment voucher.

  7. Policy 2.20 Separation modifies Section D, Paragraph 5.a, to require that an employee who is involuntarily separated shall have unpaid wages paid within three work days upon request of the employee.

  8. Policy 2.21 Personnel Files provides a link in the web-based policy to guidelines for accessing employee personnel files.

  9. Policy 3.1 Job Evaluation, Position Classifications adds a provision to provide that any pay increase resulting from a reclassification to a higher grade level will be effective the date the department head approved the new duties to take effect.   If this date is prior to the official reclassification date, then any difference in base salary will be made in a lump sum adjustment to the affected employee.

  10. Policy 5.1 Holidays modifies Section C, Paragraph 2, to provide Department Heads with the options of determining pay or time off when employees in the Central Heat Plant and Indiana University Police Department must work non-premium holidays.

  11. Policy 6.4 Corrective Action

    1. Modifies Section D, Paragraph 1, to define that a reasonable opportunity to obtain a union representative is within three workdays of the employee's notification of a corrective action meeting.

    2. Modifies Section D, Paragraph 6, to eliminate the 12-month time limit for corrective action taken for theft, falsification, sexual harassment, workplace violence, other extremely serious offenses, or other types of harassment prohibited by law.   Effective with discipline issued after July 1, 2004.

  12. Provides Service Maintenance employees in Residential Programs and Services who are subject to the annual short layoff following the end of the second semester are permitted to use any of their accrued time off during the short layoff period.

  13. Provides a tool allowance for Utilities maintenance and operations workers.

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